ModulGrafica Pharma uses flexographic technology to print both on aluminium sheets and on laminated materials, which guarantees high quality levels due to its accuracy and ductility.

The printing machines are located in clean rooms with controlled atmosphere, to ensure compliance with the rules governing the printing of primary packaging. The printing of flexible materials is performed on four continuous printing lines, under constant supervision.

All production is controlled by a sophisticated high-speed camera system, which compares the printout with the original file provided by the customer in real time. The inspection is performed on 100% of the lot, both on the front and on the back of the laminate.



It all began with Arcangelo Coletta, who was among the first engravers of Latina, then still called Littoria. A new city, which was born from the reclamation of the swamps, needed its Pioneers, also in the field of the Press. The Coletta family is among the first in the city to try their hand at the art of printing. Arcangelo, Vittorio, Andrea and Simona grow up and know how to adapt, supporting the industrial growth that will soon expand thanks to the knowledge and quality assurance of our products.


Simona controls and keeps the production processes in line with the standards and the requests. She has always participated in the company business to ensure the achievement of corporate objectives.


Andrea guarantees the high quality standards of the company. His decades of experience in the typographic and pharmaceutical fields make him a trusted partner for our customers.


Vittorio is the founder of the company as it is understood today. His experience and passion for printing, which has accompanied him for fifty years, is a fundamental value that characterizes our work and company dedication.

Our Story

Arcangelo instilled his passion for Printing and Typography in his son, Vittorio. It was the year 1970 when Vittorio founded Typography Coletta. In the beginning the typography was small, the machines few. The human component was predominant in the making of printed matter. The typography was still an artisanal, family-run business.


Vittorio began specializing and working with the pharmaceutical companies that were starting to settle in the pharmaceutical district south of Rome. Quality assumed a leading role in the press activity. The first offset presses began to arrive, equipped with technology already at the forefront for the time.


The growth was exponential, and went hand in hand with the increase in quality and the high level of service offered to customers. Thus ModulGrafica Pharma srl was born.


Year after year, the operating offices have been expanded and moved several times, up to currently counting two production sites and a large warehouse for raw materials storage and more than 100 employees.


In 2000 the aluminium printing line (Flexographic Printing) was also introduced to the company, which currently consists of 4 printing machines divided into two clean rooms.


Today ModulGrafica Pharma is a lithographic / flexographic enterprise with customers all over the world, highly specialized in pharmaceutical printed matter. ANYONE AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFE HAS HAD ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS IN THEIR HANDS, be it an information leaflet or an aluminum blister pack.


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